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Friday, April 27, 2007

How to use this COMBAT KIT

How to use this

In the current crusade, the Christian world has launched their "scud" (The Holy Bible) in two thousand different languages. For the Arabs alone they have published their Holy Scriptures in fifteen different scripts and dialects. This is clearly shown on the opposite page, a reproduction from their book - "The Gospel in many Tongues."

This manual will enable you to convert the Christian scud into a "Patriot Missile!" To achieve this, a little exercise is expected of you.

The first thing you must do is to get your own copy of the Bible, then paste or glue this booklet onto the inside Front Cover of your Bible. Use it as an Index. The second step is to browse through the index. Thirdly select a topic:

For example "INCEST." You will find this topic on page 13. Memorize the definition, i.e. "INCEST IS SEXUAL INTERCOURSE BETWEEN TWO PERSONS WHO ARE TOO CLOSELY RELATED," like "between father and . . ." also from page 13.

The first subject under the heading "INCEST" refers to Genesis 19:33-35. Familiarize yourself with the verses. Encircle the verses with a RED pen. On the top of the page write in RED - "INCEST BETWEEN FATHER AND DAUGHTERS." At the bottom of the same page write the page number of the next reference in your bible, i.e. that of Genesis 35:22. On that page write on top - "INCEST BETWEEN MOTHER AND SON," and circle the verse again in RED, at the bottom of that page write the page number of the next reference, i.e. Genesis 38:15-18. Find the verses and circle them in RED, and complete the exercise as in cases 1 and 2 above. Thus you are set to confront any Bible Thumper.

Ask the missionary, when approached, the definition of the word "INCEST." Help them with an explanation. Ask them to take their own Bible and make them READ the verses. Question them as to the moral of the story. There is none! So it is immoral!

Do similar exercises with other topics like "MUHUMMED (PBUH)". Use a GREEN pen for headings and circling. For the subject "CONTRADICTIONS" use a YELLOW marker. Thus you can have your own colour coded Bible ever ready for use against the Christian missionaries.

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