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Friday, April 27, 2007

Uncle deedat's latest health information

Uncle deedat's latest health information.


Tue, 9 Aug 2005 14:07:06 +0200
Salaams from RSA
Sheik Deedat - The Soldier of Isalm
It has been a great loss for the Ummah. Sheik Deedat passed away at 7am on Monday.
His janazah salah was attended by thousands from all over.
It was wish of Sheik Deedat that I lead his Janazah from his home and Allah (swt) has blessed me with this amanah
I had the honour of being the last person to place him in his grave. As I placed the planks over his body, I wept for the ummah because a great soldier of Islam has left us.
It had been some weeks that Sheiks condition had worsened. His heart had become weak and he was developing water in his lungs.
Today, I visited the grave of Sheik Deedat and I wept because my friend, my father, my teacher was no more. For 5 years we had shared so many experiences : debates with christians at his bedside, Visits by his admires from all parts of the world, and visits from reverts who came to thank him for showing them the Truth.
His last words were : Propagate Islam to all.
Make dua for him That Allah (swt) grants him a high postion in Jannah
Was Salaam
From the Student and Companion of The Soldier of Islam
Afzal Yusuf



Uncle Deedat is feeling a bit better and as usual is very keen in serving the community, sending out free Islamic tapes and keeping track of the major events in the Islamic world.He has developed the art of communicating through his eyes and can dictate whatever he wants to say.Alhamdulillah ! Its a sight to see Ahmed Deedat speak through his eyes, Glory to Allah for granting him the strength.

I request every person visiting this site to kindly pray for Ahmed Deedat, Jazak Allah.


Latest information - 17 October 2003.

Uncle Sheikh Deedat is still bed ridden and keeps track of all the correspondence and welcomes visitors, speaks to people and clears doubts or advices on request. You are welcome to send in you emails or messages for the Sheikh which I will try to forward to him or his associates to be read to him. send to MissionPeace Yahoo[dot] com


Latest by 26 January 2003 :

Alhamdulillah, All praise be to Allah alone who does not have any partners. The Sheikh is in the bed, communicates through his eyes and is still keen in helping for the cause of Islam. Many important personalities visit him and convey their greetings and prayers for him.

the previous recent information received from IPCI was the following mail...

15 November 2001

Brother Ishaq Majid


Respected Brother,


We Pray that this letter reaches you in the best of health and high Islamic spirits.We are in receipt of your email, the contents of which are noted.

JazakAllah for the warm sentiments shown towards our founder Sheikh Ahmed Deedat. He suffered a stroke in May 1996. He cannot speak and communicates via a communication board. Alhamdullilah, Sheikh is as alert as ever and his energy and zeal is still felt at the centre.Please remember Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in your Dua.With Salaams & Duas from all at the Centre.

Mahomed Khan


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